I am so intrigued by the one they call "River Dave". His daily interactions are limited to any boaters he may encounter along with his pet chickens and cat.

WMUR's Sean Mcdonald took a boat ride out to meet River Dave and got a rare glimpse into his unique life.

His name is David Earl Lidstone and he's 78-years-old. But don't let his age fool you! Dave is really self-sufficient and dare we say spritely! He lives completely off his own land. His compound started out as an escape for him and his wife to get away from the city. But over time Dave started staying there by himself and enjoyed being completely off the grid.

And just because Dave resembles a character from Lord of the Rings doesn't mean he doesn't do modern day things. He goes to the store when he needs to, has a cell phone and apparently, he even had satellite TV before the service cut out!

Despite the frigid Winters on the river, Dave is used to the braving the conditions and has no plans to leave his river hideaway any time soon.

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