Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know you are all still scramming to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, your best friends, and those in your life to who you want to show love.

This holiday isn’t just about being in love with a partner but expressing love to those who mean the most in your life.

If you’re still looking for that ultimate unique gift, this will take the cake.

Valentine’s Day Slugger Delivery

Portland’s very own MILB team, Portland Sea Dogs, has one of the most epic mascots in the country. That’s not just my own biased opinion because I have a crush on the dog but the honest truth because he’s won multiple awards in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Slugger, the iconic sea dog, posted on Instagram that he’s doing special Valentine’s Day deliveries that come with even more than just an epic visit from the mascot himself.

You know you’ve made it big when people will pay you to be a gift for someone they love.

That’s my new goal, for people to pay me to show up somewhere to surprise the love of their life.

The Q Morning Show actually did this for me last spring but not even as part of a delivery package but as a personal, special delivery just because I am so in love with this mascot.

The Slugger delivery package is $125 and comes with a dozen roses, 4 general admission ticket vouchers to any 2023 Sea Dogs home game, 1 Sea Dogs cap (which you can choose between 4 options), a box of chocolates, and a special delivery from Slugger himself.

My boyfriend knows better than to have Slugger show up with roses and chocolates for me because that’s his number one competition in this relationship.

It’s a first-come, first-serve opportunity so jump on it now before you miss out. The delivery can happen within 30 miles of Hadlock Field and it will all go down on the very day of Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, Feb. 14.

This is about as unique of a Valentine’s Day present as it gets. If you’re already planning on just doing the whole roses and chocolates thing, then you may as well throw in a Hall of Fame mascot.

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