It's one of my favorite times of the year - time for Girl Scout Cookies!

Not only are Girl Scout Cookies so incredibly delicious, but it's also great to know that every box you purchase goes towards a wonderful program, that has been helping girls all across the country in so many ways, for so many years. And the sale of Girl Scout Cookies is the program's biggest fundraiser of the year.

This week, we were lucky to be joined on the HOM Morning Show by Ginger Kozlowski, the Communications and Public Relations Manager for the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains. Ginger let us know that this weekend is Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. She also told us about a Girl Scout Cookie variety that is new for 2020 - Lemon-Ups! In addition, we talked about how the sale of Girl Scout Cookies has evolved over the years. Did you know that there's a Girl Scout Cookie finder on their website? Also, you can download a Girl Scout Cookie app for your phone!

Listen to our chat with Ginger below, and be sure to get out there and grab some Girl Scout Cookies this weekend!


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