I've said it before but by golly, I'll say it again! I love following the u Local New Hampshire Facebook group. It always reminds me how lucky I am to call the Granite State home. Lately the page has been extremely active with photos of wildlife. People have been spotting foxes, black bears, turtles, a deer galore! With the nice weather on tap we can expect to see more animals coming out of the wood work.

Just the other day my boss was looking out her window only to see this beauty:

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan

Sometimes I am bummed that we don't work close to a Dunkin'. But then I see that and I am reminded how lucky we are!

A user named Jennifer Sargent was taking photos of the beautiful lupines that are in full bloom in Lyme, New Hampshire.

And the next thing she knew, BOOM! She was photo bombed by a deer! But she didn't mind at all.

People really enjoyed Jennifer's photos and expressed how special they are in the comments. Here are some of my favorites:

Dolly Dillavou Cantara: You could wait a lifetime for a photo like this. This should be entered into a contest. Fantastic.

Eileen Donovan: Two of nature's beauties in one shot. Wow.

Anne Correia: Lovely lupines - and a deer too! How special

I can't decide which is more beautiful, the lupines or the deer. I think it's a tie!

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