YIKES! Big Yikes! I don't have a major phobia of bugs, mostly because I know I have the power to squash most of them. That said, this one doesn't sit well with me. This critter looks like something you would find under a log in the depths of a rainforest, not here in New Hampshire

The Reddit user r/TDISideHustle posted that they found this bug in New Hampshire (they didn't specify which town), and were wondering if anyone knows what it is. The comments that followed were amazing. Some were informative, but most of them were hilarious. Who knew there were so many comedians on Reddit?!

r/TDIsidehustle via Reddit
r/TDIsidehustle via Reddit

A lot of people said this little guy (all bugs are guys to me) is a Sycamore Assassin Bug. Supposedly they are very good to have around! They eat a lot of pests like Japanese beetles, stink bugs, and ticks, and generally leave people alone. These bugs aren't typically from around here, so the assumption is that he hopped aboard some firewood that someone brought from out of state.

Other Reddit users didn't poses any insect knowledge, but still offered up some hilarious commentary:

"That’s one of those Time to Move insects."



"Hang on lemme get you my flame thrower..."


"That would “be a use to be” alive bug if I saw it"


"Apparently this little dude just couldn't wait to dress up for Halloween"

I am no bug expert, so if you are able to shed more light on the matter, feel free to drop us a comment!

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