On November 6th in Barnstable MA a crazy baby math problem happend in real life.

Baby Samuel arrived first at 1:39am before the clocks changed. Then baby Ronan entered the world 31 minutes later. On any normal day Baby Ronan's time of birth would be 2:10am and he would be the younger twin. But not that day!

Since Ronan was born after the clocks were turned back his technical time of birth was 1:10am making him older than Samuel by 20 minues. What the whaaatt?!?

I imagine this argument will continue to come up throughout Ronan and Samuel's lives. It will go a little something like this.

Random Stranger: So who is the older twin? 

Ronan & Samuel: I AM. 

I am so fascinated by twins especially ones who can time travel. The full scoop on these daylight savings babies can be found here.

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