These are the cutest cats in New England! I dare you to say otherwise!
(1) This cutie from Auburn, Maine.

(2) A precious baby sitting in the window somewhere in Maine.

(3) A Bengal named Caesar from Lyman, Maine.

(4) Zelda from Kennebunk, Maine.

(5) OMG! Look at those eyes!

(6) This pure-bred Maine Coon cat from Auburn.

(7) Sabrina from Londonderry, New Hampshire.

(8) Ocho from Littleton, New Hampshire. (The irony is not lost on us that Ocho means eight in Spanish.)

(Photo Courtesy Of HOM Listener, Deborah)
(Photo Courtesy Of HOM Listener, Deborah)

Do you think your cat is more adorable than these cuties? Then, post your picture in the comment section below or on Facebook.

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