On the shore of Port Clyde, Maine stands the Marshall Point Light, a lighthouse made famous for its cameo in the Tom Hanks' smash Forrest Gump. The lighthouse itself is still a gorgeous sight, accessible via a long wooden walkway that covers the rocks. And while there have been a few tales of some odd things happening inside the lighthouse, it's the road leading towards the coastline treasure that has the bloodiest tale to tell.

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According to Mysterious Destinations Magazine, Marshall Point Road reportedly has been haunted by apparitions for decades. On the foggiest of nights, people have claimed to see the ghost of a teenager named Ben Bennett who was murdered roadside. Legend states that Bennett accidentally happened upon a rum runner in the early 20th-century smuggling alcohol. Bennett was chased through the woods to what is now Marshall Point Road and killed.

Since that time, Bennett has roamed the road seemingly running. According to Hollow Hill, witnesses have reported seeing the rum runner, with a dark beard and black boots, running down the road holding a weapon as well.

So if you're into ghost hunting during the Halloween season, make your way to Marshall Point Road on a foggy evening. The road has stories to tell.