As you're driving into or through Portland, it's difficult to ignore the big flashing sign at the top of the Time and Temperature Building on Congress Street.

On most days, the sign is flashing the time, the temperature and a message that says CALL JOE.

But while stuck at a red light yesterday, the sign caught the attention of someone and seemed to speak for everyone at that very moment.

Reddit via bigbluedoor
Drew Collins

Shared by Drew Collins, the photo shows the Time and Temp sign saying HELP. You can also check out Drew Collins' other photos on Instagram.

You may be sitting there smirking saying to yourself, "yeah, seriously" but the sign has a little more to it than that and it is an important message to think about. It's meant to say HELP LOCL as so many local small businesses in Portland and across the state of Maine try to navigate these unprecedented times.

If you have the extra funds to support a local business by purchasing something and picking it up, do it. If you can spare the extra change and buy a gift card for use at a later date, don't hesitate. Communities find a way to come together in the toughest of times, and the Time and Temp sign a beacon of that case.

So yes, it does speak for us all. A reminder to HELP LOCL, because we're all in this together.

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