Every year when the weather gets warm, people start to line up for one of Maine's oldest and most beloved ice cream shops: Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland. Like many other terrific ice cream stands across the state, you'll find seemingly every kind of frozen treat you can imagine on the menu. Speaking of that menu, there's one particular item you won't find on it that has been a fan favorite for "people in the know" for many years. It's called the Boston Shake.

While it is a secret menu item, it's not a terribly well-kept secret. For many years now, the people behind the counter at Red's know exactly what to whip up when someone orders a Boston shake. In fact, variations on the Boston shake have taken hold as well. Someone on Reddit shared their variation and even gave it a unique name (we can't confirm a Red's employee will have any idea what you're asking for if you call it that).

So now that we've sold you on the idea of a Boston shake, what is it? A Boston shake is a combination of a malt or a milkshake with a hot fudge sundae slapped right on top of it. As mentioned above, variations have been the name of the game for years. Take your delicious milkshake and top it with a hot fudge sundae featuring one of Red's other soft serve flavors. Imagination is king.

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