This week on the HOM Morning Show, our "You Tell Us" question was this:

Do you know of any unique street or road names in Northern New England?

We came up with this question when a recent winner was telling us that she lives on Hot Dog Road. Now THAT'S hilarious! Some of their responses really cracked us up. Here are a few of the best Maine road and street names:

Land Of Nod Road - Windham

Alcohol Mary Road - Greenwood

Beer Can Alley - New Harbor

Katie Crotch Road - New Portland

Keepa Way - Standish

Notta Road - Wet Bath

Hionahil - Edgecomb

Jackass Annie Road - Minot

No Such Road - Buxton

Wrong Road - Naples

Do you know of any not on this list? Click below and leave a comment on the post!

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