If you listened to the HOM Morning Show this week, you might have heard us doing our own version of the hit TV show The Masked Singer. All week long, we gave clues. He was born in New York, New York. He went to Julliard. He currently lives and works in Portland. And according to Nikki, he's very handsome! We played clips of this very well known public figure singing songs. Each day, a bunch of listeners called in to guess who it was. A few people thought it was comedian Bob Marley. One person called in and guessed Steven King. And a few people called and guessed it was a news anchor or meteorologist from one of the Portland TV stations. Finally, today was the day to reveal the HOM Masked Singer's identity. It was...

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling!

youtube - WMTW
youtube - WMTW

Listen to the big reveal below. A big thank you to Ethan for coming in to play, and for being such a great sport!

Here's a report of the Mayor giving his State of the City address earlier this year:

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