Writing a message on your car typically commemorates an exciting time in your life such as  "Just Married" or "Class of 2018" or even "I Passed The Bar!" But the owner of this car parked outside the Lewiston Burger King feels like his/her divorce is something worth honking about!

My pal Mac Dickson who spotted this masterpiece captioned the photo, "Looks like they got a ''Whopper'' of a settlement." LOL I see what he did there.

This is how I envision the conversation going between the new divorcee and the BK cashier:

Cashier: Welcome to Burger King! What can I get for you?

Divorcee: Well, I don't ususally do this but today is my special day...

Cashier: Oh, Happy Birthday!

Divorcee: No no, it's not my birthday. My divorce has been finalized!

Cashier: OH! umm...congratulations?

Divorcee: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's been a long time comin'. So I think I'll treat myself to a Whopper and one of those Hershey's Sundae Pies.

Cashier: Sure thing, anything else?

Divorcee: Could I actually grab one of those-

Cashier: Let me guess. You want a crown?

Divorcee: YES PLEASE!


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