Not one, but two snowstorms are coming our way… The first will only bring a "couple of inches of snow" on Saturday, according to our news partner WMTW. Meteorologist Jacqueline Thomas says it is not a significant storm.

Everyone is watching the second storm on Sunday night into Monday. Most likely, it will be a nor'easter and it could dump several inches of snow and bring strong winds to New England as per WMTW. There are several different weather models that don't agree with each other. WMTW reports "the European model has significant snow hitting Maine, while the Global Forecast System has several inches of snow as the storm moves off the coast." The only thing they seem to agree on is that the weather will cause major headaches as it will affect Monday morning's commute to work/school. Thomas says the nor'easter is not necessarily a "blockbuster snowstorm."

We will keep you updated.

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