For the past several years, The Holy Donut in Maine has drawn in visitors far and wide curious about potato donuts. That popularity has led to new locations opening as well as being able to find The Holy Donut offerings in select grocery stores. So when you're hot, you're hot and you've got to keep that momentum going. The Holy Donut plans on doing just that by unveiling their latest creation, a delectable treat that will make Girl Scout cookie fanatics hearts sing.

The Holy Donut is calling this new donut the "Triple C", because it's a luscious combination of chocolate, toasted coconut and caramel. If that looks a lot like the classic Girl Scout cookie once known as the "Samoa", well, you wouldn't be wrong. Inspiration can come from many places, including checking the cupboard for that last box of Caramel deLites you stuffed way in the back only to find someone else ate them. We're not sure if that's the backstory, but it would certainly make us want to create a new "Triple C" donut.

These new donuts will be available at all The Holy Donut locations starting Wednesday, August 5th. As of right now, The Holy Donut is only offering the "Triple C" as a vegan option with a gluten free option coming soon. Happy eating!

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