With the weather been the way it's been this week -- actually, this entire month, ski mountains (and any hill that exists anywhere, really) have all been THRIVING. More people on mountains shredding, boarding, tubing, or even people with nearby hills have been living their best lives sledding.

It actually reminds me of winters on campus at my alma mater, Curry College, in Milton, Massachusetts. We lived in a buliding that was dubbed the "Old Suites" during my junior and senior year, and we LOVED anytime it snowed because we had a massive hill right in the front of the building that lead down to the parking lot. Now, we didn't exactly buy and bring sleds on campus, but we DID raid the trash room and swiped some trash bags, put ourselves inside and used them to glide down the hill.

Actually, it was pretty reminiscent of Chevy Chase's character Clark Griswold sledding in the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, because we FLEW down that hill. Which was a welcome change than the food trays we'd borrow from the dining hall to try and use as sleds, but they always failed since we weren't 10 pounds.

A similar situation happened the other day in Carroll, New Hampshire, at the sled hill at the town hall. Between the snow conditions and the wind, sledders were FLYING down the hill, a lot like Sparky (Clark Griswold's nickname from his wife, Ellen, in case you're not familiar). In fact, speeds were so fast down the hill that the Carroll Police Department set up a post on the hill in a "speed trap" capacity to try and bag some delinquent sledders.

Thankfully, the Carroll Police Officers were feeling very generous and in the festive mood, and instead of ticketing everyone for speeding over the limit down the hill (almost every sledder hit a furious 20mph -- that's gotta be what, a $400 speeding fine and a possible suspension of your sledding license?), they decided to just issue warnings to everyone, with the ole "just watch your speed" that every person pulled over ever prays they hear.

By the way, just for clarification since sometimes I can be very (what I think is obviously) sarcastic, there's not an actual speed limit for sledding on a hill, there weren't actual "warnings" given to sledders, and the Carroll Police Department DOES reek of awesomeness for doing this.

And with more snow happening pretty much all day long and in the forecast a couple times again next week -- HAPPY SLEDDING! But watch those sledding speed traps -- they may not be so generous with warnings, next time.

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