The countdown to the first day of school is on! For my kids, the first day this year is Tuesday, September 4th. That's three weeks from tomorrow! And some schools are starting even earlier...a few that I checked start the week before labor day. The way this summer has been flying by, three weeks will go very quickly. Here are some of the best back to school specials that I've been able to find, at stores in Maine and New Hampshire:

If your child attends private school, JC Penney has a great deal for you - $10 off school uniforms, for both boys and girls.

Old Navy has some pretty cool looking shirts for both boys and girls, for up to 49% off. I saw a few as low as $6!

Target helps make back to school shopping easy, with a "School List Assist" that finds your school supply list. They also have some really good deals on clothes, including denim starting at just $8!

In addition to some super low prices on back to school gear, WalMart also has some useful information for parents on their website, including a back to school checklist for parents, the 25 best lunch picks for kids, and best bets for back to school backpacks.

Staples has a pretty sweet deal on back to school supplies - 20% off, when you buy a backpack.

Have you found any other great back to school shopping deals? Let us know about them, with a comment on the Facebook post!


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