Why did Max and Stephen walk over 1300 miles from Iowa to Portland, Maine? Is our chowder that good?

WGME CBS13 was there when Max Granfield and Stephen Skinner came to Maine on Saturday. They walked over 1300 miles over 70 days for 12 hours a day and only took Sundays off.

Facebook:The Long Walk: Iowa to Maine photo by Elva Craig

According to WGME their friends said they did it for

the adventure and a bowl of New England clam chowder.

With all the bad news, they knew they would run into some people that were all good.

WGME reports Stephen Skinner said:

Just today, some guy came up to us on the side of the road and said I saw you hiking yesterday and I figured you guys needed some food so I got you some pizza and poweraid. We're like wow thanks, and this has got to be at least the fifth time that has happened.