Congratulations, Maine. We are officially not lunatics.

A new study has come out in regard to Americans strange fascination with the incomprehensibly stupid belief that the Earth somehow is flat.

The website, decided to take a look at American's Google search records to find out which state is the most insane curious. The way they did this was by analyzing the number of searches for "Flat Earth" and "Flat Earthers."

Now, if you are not familiar with the term "Flat Earth", then I envy you. It means you haven't had to deal with one of the most asinine conspiracy theories in the history of humanity. 

Flat Earthers believe the planet isn't spherical, but a disk-like shape. Even though this theory has been debunked by more proof than one's mind can comprehend, these weirdos just keep rolling with the conspiracy theory (looking at you, Kyrie Irving).

There is no science or evidence to back up this theory. It's just a bunch of crazy internet sleuths who probably live in their parents' basement while doing "scientific research" on the dark web.

So, let's get back to the actual study by Here's the good news. The site found that Maine was very low on any sort of interest or curiosity of the "Flat Earth" theory. The state was ranked 44th in related searches. Maine had just 201 searches per 10,000 residents. That's a very reassuring low number.

Maine was also the lowest-ranked state in New England. I guess that makes us the smartest state in the region. Great job, everyone!

According to, the biggest offender is the state of Alaska. This was followed by Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, and Hawaii. What the hell is going on in Western United States? Man, am I happy to be an East Coaster.

Once again, thank you to all of you for being rational. It's good to know I live in a state where people accept very rudimentary science and geography.

Never forget what we learned from Animal House.

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