We've been stuck in a pandemic for over three months now. There's a flashing light at the end of the tunnel. In reds, purples, and golds banging in the distance.


Just kidding.

Nearly all public fireworks displays for The 4th of July have been canceled in an effort to maintain physical distancing and preventing large crowds from gathering.

"Well, I can shoot some off at home, right?" Maybe, depending on where you live, but not for Westbrookians...Westbrookers...Westbrookans...?

Westbrook already had an ordinance in place that a permit is required from the Public Safety Department for consumer use of fireworks.

Only, if you haven't noticed (even with all the rain today) it's been incredibly dry lately. Don't believe me? I saw a sign with Smokey Bear over the weekend confirming that the fire danger is "extremely high" right now.

So, Westbrook Police Department announced on their Facebook page that no fireworks permits will be issued for Independence Day 2020. I don't blame them, but still, it's a bummer to have to miss out on such a fun tradition.

Stay safe from the virus/fires/murder hornets, and who knows what else this weekend.

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