If you were looking for sympathy for kids having to trudge through the cold white stuff to get to school, Maine may not be the best place to get it.

Yesterday a snowstorm took Southern Maine by, well, *storm* for a hours in the morning. Many schools delayed their start until it was slowing down but several institutions started on time despite the heavy flakes piling up.

One kind stranger posted a picture of a few kids walking through the snow to school on Reddit with the caption, "Poor kids had to walk to school this morning in Portland at 7:30am like this. :("


Their pity was not mirrored in a single comment at the time of publishing this. Mainers on the internet instantly clapped back with hilarious liners no doubt regurgitated from their grandpas.

The post was met largely with confusion. "What's the problem here?" one redditor asked genuinely. "Under dressed?" another offered as a potential response. A slightly more optimistic Mainer commented, "I see nothing wrong with this, us Mainers are all about adventure!!"

Needless to say, kids in Maine are expected to be a bit more formidable than in other states. And the adults are evidently much more ruthless!