After 21 years in business on the corner of Elm and Storer Streets in Saco, Skippers Seafood & Rotisserie has closed.

The announcement was made on Skippers Seafood's Facebook page Monday night by owners Karen and Chuck Forzley that the time had come to retire after 41 years in the restaurant business. The post goes on to say that the challenge of running a small business like Skippers was a contributing factor as well as not being as young as they used to be.

There were a few days in the month of August where the restaurant had to be closed due to staffing shortages, a struggle that many small local businesses have faced recently as the unemployment rate in Maine has steadily dropped from 8% in 2011 to a mere 3% in 2019.

Responses on Facebook from fans of the restaurant have been sad but understanding, with many well wishes to Karen and Chuck in their retirement. We wish you both well too and hope you enjoy your retirement knowing how much Skippers and you were appreciated for the past 21 years.



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