For 31 years, Silly's Restaurant has been a place Portland natives and tourists flocked to for a giant plate of good old fashioned cooking. But as Washington Avenue continues to change its look and feel, the quirky little restaurant that was has decided that it's getting tougher to fit in and will close its doors after Labor Day weekend.


In a heartfelt post shared on Facebook, the owners of Silly's share their thoughts on how difficult it truly is to own and operate a business in Portland. It's a particularly candid post, as the owner talks about losing her mother and going to work the next day because that's what she had to do.

Silly's will be missed by many, including their brunch crowd that enjoyed the large portions and creative menu items that made Silly's an absolute destination for brunch on the weekends.

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In her Facebook post, Silly's owner doesn't rule out coming back in another town or perhaps in a different form than a sit down restaurant. Perhaps a Silly's food truck? For now, lovers of Silly's as we know it will have a couple more weekends to enjoy brunch and visit a place that holds a lot of memories for a lot of people.

Silly's will officially close on September 2nd.

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