If you've got a cell phone, there's a very good chance you've received a robocall disguised as a call from 207 area-coded number. When you pick up, expecting to hear someone or something local, you're suddenly inundated with a robocall about your Google business listing or an extended warranty on your vehicle. It's a practice that's been going on for years and recently has gotten worse. One Maine legislator wants it to stop and wants it to stop now.

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According to WMTW, Maine state senator Justin Chenette has introduced a bill called An Act To Ban Telephone Solicitations Using An Artificial or Prerecorded Voice and Enhance Caller Identification. It's a long winded title, but if you can get past that, the substance of the bill should make most Mainers very happy.

The law proposal would effectively ban what annoys most people about robocalls, that a local number from Portland to Lewiston to Farmington shows up on your called ID and when you answer, it's nothing but a sales pitch. Additionally, the law would make the use of prerecorded or artificial voices in robocalls against the law in Maine.

There will be a few exceptions if the law is passed, including robocalls from government entities. That would include information on emergencies or school closings. Also, robocalls about attempted deliveries of goods or services would be allowed under the new law.

A hearing on the proposed legislation is set for next Tuesday at 1pm in Augusta.

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