Just when you start losing faith in humanity, a story like this comes along. Taste of Maine Restaurant and Tavern shared a picture of a receipt from a very generous tipper on its Facebook page. (See below.) The unidentified customer left the money for Jamie, one of the servers at the landmark seafood establishment in Woolwich, Maine. The tip was exactly $105.55, and it came with a thoughtful note that said, "Thank you for a great service. Hope this helps in this rough time."

It would be difficult to miss Taste of Maine as you're driving down Main Street, because of the ginormous lobster on top of the family-owned restaurant, as you can see in the picture above. And, its location overlooking Pleasant Cove makes it a very attractive place to dine.

Taste of Maine is celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year, according to its website.

(Photo Credit: Taste of Maine Via Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Taste of Maine Via Facebook)

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