The older I get, the more I realize the importance of Halloween.

Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday, right? I know, not everyone, but definitely the majority of people.

Why? It's the spirit.

Wherever you drive in late November and December, there are Christmas lights, beautiful décor, and colors of white and red. It is magical.

Well, I have realized Halloween can certainly be like that, too. During spooky season, when you drive past a house that is decorated with orange and black lights, you smile. It brings you back to trick-or-treating at that really cool house when you were a kid. And don't forget the one house in town that has a fog machine, giant blow-up skeleton, or even better...a haunted house in their front lawn.

I was disappointed in myself this year. My neighbors decorated their porch beautifully: mums, skeletons, hanging ghosts from the trees, and even spiderwebs across their front porch. Me and my wife? Nothing.

We did agree that next year will be different.

It means something to the community when houses and neighborhoods participate in decorating. It is spirited for the kids, no doubt. The kids love seeing big spiders and haunted houses on their street. It gets them excited for trick-or-treating and gives them a core memory, but it certainly does something for adults as well. The decorated houses bring a sense of fun and spirited community amongst neighbors and neighborhoods.

This year, I set out to find the best outside Halloween décor in New Hampshire. There were some awesome houses. Hopefully next year I will be able to find more.

Check out the awesome haunted houses and outside Halloween décor that was all around New Hampshire during the spooky season.

Best Outside Halloween Décor in New Hampshire

See below for the houses with the spookiest Halloween décor in New Hampshire.

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