Normally, when we think of scorpions, we probably think of them crawling around in a desert (often in the Middle East) tormenting adventurers.  While that is true, they can also be found a lot closer to home.

A LOT closer to home.

As in, there could be scorpions living in your home!

According to the Bangor Daily News, there could be thousands of tiny little scorpions crawling around your home right now.

According to Jim Dill, a pest management specialist with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, these scorpions are actually "pseudoscorpions".  Small, compared to a normal scorpion, they are between an eighth of an inch long and a half an inch long.  He says they are good to have around, too.  Their primary food is small insects that we don't want around, anyway.

Where would you find them in your house?  A lot of times, people spot them in the sink or bathtub because the sides are too steep and/or slippery for them to climb out.  Outside, you may see them in old leaves or grass clippings, as they are looking for food.

Have you ever seen them?  If you have, send us a picture or video using our app or through Facebook.

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