Imagine how it would feel to get a call from the Portland Police Department, insisting that you turn yourself in immediately, due to criminal activity. I suppose my first thought would be "wait a minute, what have I done wrong lately?"

Well, according to Channel 8 WMTW, it appears that's what been happening to several people in the area. The Portland Regional Communications Center says they've gotten a bunch of calls from residents reporting that fake calls.

What makes them even more convincing is that if you receive the call, your caller ID actually says it's from the Portland Police Department. Apparently, the scammers have found a way not only to sound like cops, but make your phone think it's the cops, too.

Police are saying that if you receive one of these calls, do not give them any information, and hang up immediately. If they leave a message, do not call back.

Think about it - if the cops really wanted you, they wouldn't call you. They'd just come get you, right?

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