All of the animal shelters in northern New England do such great work, finding loving families for pets in need of a home. Many of them are non-profit, and rely on donations. So they have to constantly come up with unique ideas for fundraisers. The latest from the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Thomaston is really taking that creativity to the next level.

In a Facebook post, they describe how their latest fundraiser works: for a small donation of just $20, they'll draw your pet. But here's the thing. They're the first to admit that they are much better at caring for animals than drawing them. And the results have been quite interesting, to say the least.

It looks like the promotion has gotten off to a pretty strong start. In just four days, they've raised almost $1,600. Hopefully they don't have trouble keeping up with all of the requests! You can see some of the drawings, or request your own, at their Facebook page for the fundraiser.

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