Late last week, I started to see a few posts on my social media news feeds about a worldwide toilet paper shortage. Throughout the weekend, I started seeing more and more, and read a few stories about it, published by some of the biggest news outlets. So I started to wonder, "is this really happening?"

Although I didn't really need to go out to the store this weekend, my curiosity got the best of me. I had to go out and see if this toilet paper shortage really was happening, and if it was happening right here in our local community.

So I ventured out to a nearby Hannaford to check it out. As I made my way into the store, I must have looked pretty silly as I was peering in everyone's carts, to see if there were people hoarding it. Not one of them had any in there carts.

I finally made it to the TP aisle, and breathed a big sigh of relief:


I've never been so happy to see so much toilet paper! I picked up some, ya know, just because. But there was plenty left, and nothing at all to be concerned about.

Turns out that it really is happening in a few parts of the world. The shortage is likely being caused by people freaking out, because they're seeing news of the shortage, so they're going out and buying a bunch. So it's basically a shortage...caused by the fear of a shortage. Seems pretty silly to me.

So although it may be a thing in some other parts of the country, or the world, looks like we're safe from the great toilet paper shortage of least for now.

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