Who doesn't love to throw it back to when they were younger? After all, the decade you grew up in shaped who you are.  Because of that, I often look back and wonder what it would be like to dress up as if it were still the 90's. I'm talking the whole get-up: windbreakers, tube tops, flannel shirts, baggy jeans, and even crimped hair.

I've got some great news for those who are like me and always want to relive their younger years!

According to a Facebook post made by Drip City Arcade Bar, they will be hosting themed nights every Saturday in June. The first themed night will be held on Saturday, June 5th, and it's 90's night. That's right, 90's night!

The party will get kicked off at 8:00 pm and go until 1:00 am. There will be themed beverages, tons of swag, and even a cash prize for the person who wears the best 90's attire. Sponsors of this event are Grub and Freedom's Edge Cider.

You can find Drip City in the old Joseph's Fireside Steakhouse location in Waterville.


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