It looks like two Waterville businesses that have hopes of relocating are going to be able to make it happen in the most unique way possible.

According to the Kennebec Journal, the owners of Buen Apetito Mexican Restaurant located at Railroad Square in Waterville have been hoping to relocate since the start of a very public parking dispute with the property owner.

The owners of Buen Apetito, Susan and Gary Laplant, say that one of the first places they thought would be a perfect spot for their eatery is the current Drip City Arcade Bar over on the West River Road, formerly Joseph's Fireside Steak House, the newspaper states.

Drip City Location, Google Maps
Drip City Location, Google Maps

However, instead of the owners of Drip City Arcade Bar being upset that another local business is eyeing their location for a possible move, they say it couldn't have come at a better time.

That's because the owners at Drip City say that they too have been eyeing a potential move to Waterville's downtown district, according to the KJ.

The owners of Drip City tell the newspaper that their plan all along was to be in a smaller location closer to downtown but, because of the pandemic, they thought having more space would be beneficial for them.

Now that times have changed, they say they're ready to make the move.

The lease on the Drip City building on West River Road expires in mid-January and that's when Buen Apetito expects to be open at that location, according to the KJ.

In the meantime, Drip City Arcade Bar will be working on moving to and renovating their likely new location at 129 Main Street, Waterville, the newspaper reported, and the owners say they hope to be open in the new spot sometime this spring.

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