Some people believe that Bostonians aren't the nicest people, but, I will say one thing, Bostonians tell it how it is.

Growing up in Massachusetts, not far from Boston, as well as having family members that lived in Southie (South Boston), you'll have to believe me when I say that I know how Bostonians are.

Yes, some things that Bostonians do can be considered rude. We have an ongoing battle with New York Yankee fans, we don't say hello to everyone we see, and we have excessive road rage.

It seems as though the Boston beer company, Samuel Adams, wants this to change.

Samuel Adams released their commercial for the 2023 Super Bowl, and looks at "a brighter Boston."

The commercial was filmed in multiple locations around the city and it features many familiar faces. I mean, would the commercial even be complete without Greg Hoyt, aka "Your cousin from Boston"?

Lenny Clark, a Cambridge native and comedian, can also be spotted in this commercial at Croke Park (a dive bar in South Boston). You will also see Kevin Garnett of the Celtics make an appearance at Commonwealth Books.

Even though there are some familiar faces, the 2023 Super Bowl commercial that Samuel Adams put together is a tongue in cheek love letter to Boston and really turns the stereotypes of Boston upside down.

In the commercial, you will see two drivers being cheerful and kind while telling each other to "take the parking spot," a neighbor being civil and saying good morning, and even a Red Sox fan hugging and welcoming a Yankees fan.

I guess the question is, is this what Samuel Adams wants to see in Boston?

Do not get me wrong, Bostonians are not horrible people, nor are they mean. Honestly, I believe being Bostonian is a way of life that only other Bostonians will understand. We are sarcastic and rude, however, that is also how we show our affection to each other.

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