This sign in Rochester, New Hampshire is obviously being stolen because of what it says... "Patriots Way." According to our sister station in Dover, WSHK, this sign has been taken more often than any other street sign in the city of Rochester.

We would even guess that the signs are being swiped by New England football fans. It could be the same person is stealing them repeatedly, maybe with the intent of selling the signs for profit. But the more likely explanation is that more than one culprit is stealing "Patriots Way." We are in Patriots Country, after all.

WSHK reports that the city's solution was to put the sign higher up in the air and this seems to be working, so far. No thefts have been reported since this action was taken. We'll see if it continues to work.

I'm doubtful that it won't get stolen again, especially if Tom Brady and the Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Go Pats!

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