Mindy Currier shared this video of her two son on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page and the response has been unbelievable.

The story behind the video is Mindy's oldest son (Lcpl William Blake, in the white shirt) was on deployment with the Marine Corps when his younger brother (A1c Daniel Blake in uniform) shipped out for Basic Training with the Air Force. They were not able to watch her airman graduate in Texas because his flight was the first one that was not allowed to have family present due to Covid-19. Mindy and her youngest son actually flew all the way to Texas only to find out that they were not allowed!

This sweet embrace took place last Wednesday in Marlborough, New Hampshire. Mindy surprised William with the arrival of his younger brother Daniel and completely caught him off guard. Daniel is heading overseas for two years and that is the reason he was able to come home for a visit. The dude who comes in at the end is Mindy's youngest (and tallest) son, Eli Blake.

William Blake left for deployment 6/1/2019. Daniel Blake left for basic training (BMT) 1/14/2020 so these brothers hadn't seen each other in a VERY long time. The sound of Mindy crying while she's taking the video is enough to make me weep. She captured such a genuine and beautiful moment between her boys. Thank you for your service and welcome home <3

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