For most of us, wearing a face mask is a part of our daily routine in our COVID worlds. We put it on and leave it on when we run errands or go to work. Then, we dispose of it by throwing it in the trash. How many of us are going one step further and cutting the elastic bands from the mask? With everything on our plates during these troubling times, it probably didn't even occur to us to do this. That is, until you see the picture below.

A bird with a mask around its neck should jolt us back into reality. And, it's not just birds. Other wildlife are reportedly being caught in them, not to mention the havoc being wreaked on the environment from careless and/or inconsiderate people who litter.

It only takes a few moments to cut the elastic bands, so let's all do our part to respect wildlife and nature. Please.

Medical face masks. Protection against coronavirus, flu and other airborne infection.

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