New England is home to one of the most haunted cities in America. There are countless reports of paranormal activity all throughout New England. A small town in Maine for instance is actually home to the first-ever documented haunting. New England has a lot of history and therefore could have helped to contribute to all the paranormal activity that we either witness or hear about.

There are plenty of shows on TV and through streaming services that focus on the paranormal. Investigators go around the world to either capture evidence of a haunting or help those in need that are witnessing paranormal activity. However, a new show is coming out on Tuesday, February 28th, called Repossessed.

What is even cooler, is that the first season will have 3 locations set in New England, and one of them is a pub right in Portland, Maine.

Repossessed will be led by famous paranormal investigator Moe Sargi, psychic medium Leitreanna Brown, and researcher Marika Simon. However, Maine-based paranormal investigator, Chris Sanders, will also be making an appearance on the show during the New England-based episodes.

The question is, which pub in Portland is said to be haunted?

The answer is Andy's Old Port Pub. According to Sanders, a woman is said to haunt the pub, however, that is not what the show is going to be about.

According to Moe Sargi's Twitter, Repossessed, is actually a show about haunted objects and the teams search to find some of the most haunted objects across North America.

Season one of Repossessed will contain 8 episodes. You can start streaming the first season of  Repossessed on Hulu and the History Channel starting on Tuesday, February 28th.

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