When you wake up every morning, you are in charge of setting the tone for your day. Once you head out the door, you hold on to that feeling for as long as you can. Slowly, the stress of the day, work, tasks, and even the election seeps in. Top 10 signs to know that you are stressed:

  • You are exhausted
  • You cannot sleep
  • You're always sick
  • You're absent-minded
  • You have chronic head and body aches
  • You're become indifferent sexually
  • You've become overly emotional
  • You have digestive problems
  • You feel light-headed and dizzy
  • You resort to coping mechanisms

Good news is you can relieve your stress in healthy ways. Being nice to yourself is important. Another way is meditation. Take a moment for yourself today, and meditate. With cute kitties to boot. From Blue Cross here is Karma Kitties! Breathe, and know that you are awesome.



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