Tuesday night at Fenway Park had ALL the emotions -- anticipation and excitement for the upcoming American League Wild Card game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Pure joy and happiness for the Sox and Red Sox Nation when the final out was made and the Sox eliminated the Yanks from the playoffs. On that note, heartbreak and disappointment for the Yanks and their fans when they were beaten by the Sox.

And most importantly -- ALL the love that could possibly be packed into one baseball park for one of the most beloved members of Red Sox Nation -- Jerry Remy.

Jerry Remy's Ceremonial First Pitch

To be honest, I'm not sure if it was known beforehand that the Remdog was throwing out the first pitch leading into the highly anticipated AL Wild Card matchup, or if it was a surprise, but one thing is for sure -- when the Fenway Faithful heard the announcement that Jerry was making his way to the mound for the ceremonial first pitch, they absolutely ERUPTED.

Jerry Remy's Lung Cancer Battle

Last night was two months to the day that it was announced Jerry Remy had to leave the NESN broadcast booth to once again go toe-to-toe in a battle with lung cancer, his history of which is all outlined here. Since then, like other times, all has been pretty quiet on the Remdog front, but last night we saw exactly how the battle is going for Jerry. And as much as I try to keep the positivity, the first glance at him was tough -- I don't ever remember, in all the years I've watched the Sox and Remdog commentating, seeing Jerry look so...just like he had really been going through it (which he obviously is, but still.)

But regardless of that, and how much Jerry looked like he could be struggling in his latest lung cancer battle, something else overshadowed that -- Jerry's spirit. It was on full display as he started being carted from the bullpen area, around the warning track, right in front of the pitcher's mound.

Within seconds, Jerry went from looking like he was going through it to tossing on that signature Remdog smile we've all seen during live shots of the NESN broadcast booth so many times before. It got even wider when he turned to see a familiar face, from Red Sox pitcher and current fellow NESN broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley, behind the plate getting ready to catch his first pitch.

And as soon as the crowd at Fenway erupted following Jerry's pitch, he triumphantly threw both his arms in the air. And that's exactly why Red Sox Nation and all of New England, in general, need to rally behind the Remdog now more than ever. Because the change was caught on video for all of us to see. He went from almost looking somewhat defeated at first glance on screen, to throwing his arms up in triumph. All in a matter of minutes.

We're behind you, Remdog. We know, like every other time that cancer has stepped up to the plate, it won't hit a grand slam or a homer. Not a triple, double, or single. Hell, cancer won't even get a foul tip off of you, because you're sending that sucker down on three straight strikes once again. And before you know it, we'll hear you back in the NESN broadcast booth up to his usual, hilarious antics.

On behalf of Red Sox Nation and the rest of New England, we're counting down the innings until that day. Go get 'em, Jerry!

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