There's one thing to be said for the local band Recycled Percussion -- NO ONE uses fame better than they do. Since being thrust into the limelight after finishing third on the 4th season of America's Got Talent back in 2009, the band has genuinely tried to do and bring so much good to people, including this past weekend's stunt.

Buried Alive at the Hopkinton State Fair

This past weekend, one of the biggest Labor Day Weekend traditions in New Hampshire went down in Contoocook -- the Hopkinton State Fair. It just so happened that Recycled Percussion was scheduled to perform there, but they didn't want to make it just ANY appearance.

The band's frontman, Justin Spencer, decided to go big or go home, and use their Hopkinton State Fair appearance to do some good. For 24 hours, Justin was set to be buried alive in a box on the fairgrounds, all to raise money in order to bring less fortunate New Hampshire children "Back to School" shopping.

While Justin was buried underground (under 20,000 pounds of dirt, no less), the remaining members of Recycled Percussion and the Chaos & Kindness family remained above ground (along with doctors and other health officials) at the burial site to both make sure Justin was safe and also provide updates on the Recycled Percussion Facebook page.

As 1p approached on Sunday, the second-to-last day of the fair, Recycled Percussion went live on Facebook as Justin was dug out of the box he was placed in 24 hours prior, heartwarmingly brought to the surface by his adorable family.

Recycled Percussion via Facebook
Recycled Percussion via Facebook

Recycled Percussion then went on to play their scheduled set, right in the dirt that had just previously covered Justin for one full day, for the massive group of fans that were in attendance for Justin's unburying.

According to the Back to School donation page on the Chaos & Kindness website, donations of all different levels are still be accepted right now at the time of this writing, and Justin is kicking in $2500 of his own money as well. He's hoping to bring 50 in-need children Back to School shopping this week with all the donations. Any remaining money when the shopping is all said and done will be donated towards mental health in youth.

Just further proof that no one is more charitable than Northern New Englanders. AMAZING job from Justin and everyone else involved with Recycled Percussion and the Chaos & Kindness brand!

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