Winter officially kicks in on December 21st this year and by the time that date arrives, it's entirely possible that Maine will have seen two Nor'Easters by then. After the first pulverized the mountains with snow and left more than 150,000 people without power, it appears another powerful storm is developing and could hit Maine in the middle of next week.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, some forecast models are lining the storm up perfectly to be a snowmaker for most of the state. Instead of the mountains getting crushed, this storm appears to be targeting southern Maine at the moment. Early models show Cumberland, York, and Androscoggin county taking the brunt of it, with the potential for a foot of snow across the region.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, any time snowfall amounts are over a foot, things can get a little hairy in Maine for a lot of reasons. Roads can be treacherous, snow removal can be exhausting and there still remains the possibility of more power outages across the state that come along with this storm. Any Nor'Easter is going to bring wind gusts with it and this storm would be no exception.

As of right now, the storm should arrive mid-week, likely Wednesday into Thursday. There are still several days of development to go and the storm could weaken, or strengthen, in the days to come.

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