Sunday was a big night on ABC's American Idol. Cumberland, Maine's Julia Gagnon was the last person to audition for season 22, and she stunned the judges with the power of her voice.

The auditions began on August 4, 2023, and Julia and her family have held this secret all that time.

As she walked into the audition room with her parents standing outside the door, the judges greeted her, and Katy Perry reminded her that she was the last person to audition out of the thousands who tried to make it on the show.

She was then asked about living in Maine, to which she replied that she was raised in Maine, but born in Guatemala and adopted. Then a short recorded interview with Julie and her family was shown. Now it was showtime.

When asked what she was going to sing, she said it would be "Ain't No Way," by Aretha Frankin, a move that was swinging for the fences. By the judge's reactions, you could tell they were skeptical until she started singing.

The judges were blown away by her amazing performance, channeling Aretha Franklin but making it her own. They were so impressed that they gave her the last of three platinum tickets, which sent Julia to Hollywood and allowed her to skip the first round.

There's already speculation online that Julia may have gone all the way. I don't want to jinx it, but that performance was epic. Even if Julia doesn't win, she'll have cemented herself in the public eye, and who knows where she can go from there?

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