The heavy rain Portland is getting right now is too much for storm drains to handle, and parts of Commercial, St. John and Congress Street in Portland among others are flooding.


I made the mistake of following my usual route home along Commercial Street and ran into many flooded areas that will likely get worse until the rain lets up.

We're expected to get 3 to 5 inches of rain today and most of that seems to be coming early.

Congress Street near the Hood plant was heavily flooded and cars were backed up with public works crews there as I drove through the intersection of Park Avenue and St. John Street by McDonald's. That intersection was passable at the time, but there was still a lot of water.

Heavy flooding is also occurring at the foot of Franklin Arterial. Lori took the video near Whole Foods and WCSH 6 shared this photo.



If you can avoid being on the streets for now, do it. Remember too, if you see standing water, try to avoid driving through it because it could be deeper than you think.

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