9 Custom House Wharf in Portland's Old Port has been the home of a fish market since the late 1800s. In 1966 it was bought and has been the very well-known Harbor Fish Market ever since.

The good thing about being on Custom House Wharf is that fresh fish is delivered to the docks daily, so when you get your seafood, it's as fresh as possible. The bad thing about being on Custom House Wharf is that flooding is always an issue. Sometimes it's not too bad, but other times it's much worse.

According to WGME CBS13, water was coming up through the floorboards of the market on Saturday and there was about two feet of water in the building with one person from Harbor Fish Market saying they had never seen anything like this before.

The astronomical high tides flooded the wharf and just made for a difficult time, but the crew at Harbor Fish didn't let it get to them. What can you do, right? What you can do is have some fun with it.

Harbor Fish Market posted a video during the flooding, with Caleb and Zack paddling in a canoe. It was an exclusive live weather report from Custom House Wharf and it could not have been more Maine.

But they weren't done there. Boone's Fish House and Oyster Room, right across the wharf from Harbor Fish, got a delivery by canoe.

Talk about taking a tough situation and turning it around to give people a good laugh.

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