The National Weather Service in Gray has warned that parts of Maine could have flooding issues Friday into Friday night. One thing the northeast has not been in short supply of throughout June and July so far is rain.

As of July 10, Maine has seen five out of 10 days. We saw rain almost every day in the month of June. But Vermont was hit hard with rain, more than it's seen in over 100 years, causing heavy flooding. Enough the Governor to declare a State of Emergency.

One of the worst things you can do when you encounter flooding on roads is try to pass through the water. So many things can go wrong. What may look like a small amount of water may be much deeper than you think and if you try to cross it, you might find yourself in trouble.

Tom Sunderland has a YouTube channel that shows people trying to cross Ruttford Ford in the UK. It floods often and people just can't learn that if you try to cross it with a vehicle not equipped to handle the water, you may find yourself floating.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency posted some tips on their Facebook page to keep yourself prepared for flooding:

- Learn your evacuation routes or higher ground areas in case you are asked to evacuate by local authorities.

- Check your emergency kit to make sure it's ready in case a flood leaves you without utilities or transportation access.
- If you haven't yet, follow your local authorities and weather services for timely weather-related information.
- Learn the terms. Know the difference between Watch and Warning. A flash flood warning means flooding is occurring and you should seek higher ground immediately.
- Always listen to local officials.
NOAA via MEMA Facebook
NOAA via MEMA Facebook

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