Right down there on Portland Street next to Bubba's Sulky Lounge and across from the Post Office, there's a place for cold beer, friendly regulars and a quick bite.

It has been a popular dive-bar destination for as long as we can remember. That place is Rockin Rickey's Tavern.

We affectionately call it a dive bar because of the no-frills, come-as-you-are welcoming vibe. This is bar you visit to be with the 'locals'...authentic, old-school Portland.

The radio station WBLM moved its studios to Portland in 1988. We don't recall ever driving into the city and not seeing the orange and lime-green logo as we cross the intersection over by the Big Apple.

It's going to be strange seeing it gone as we head into 2020.

The owners announced on Facebook that they will be closing one month from today.

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