If you've driven over the Maine border and into New Hampshire, there's a good chance you've seen the campaign put on by police called "click it or ticket". That campaign is now launching in Maine, with police across the state increasing patrols looking for seat belt violations.

According to WMTW, the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety is providing more than $300,000 to law enforcement for overtime pay so the increased patrols can send a message. Police will be on a close lookout for drivers who are not buckled in as well as children who have not been seat belted in properly. If it's your first offense for not wearing a seat belt, you're looking a $50 fine.

It is a Maine law to wear a seat belt when operating a motor vehicle. Many people still do not realize that it is also Maine law to wear a seat belt as a passenger in any moving vehicle. A violation could also occur if there are more passengers in a vehicle than working seat belts available. Maine seat belt usage is high amongst the national average, but a large percentage of people involved in fatal car accidents in Maine still weren't buckled up.

The "click it or ticket" campaign has already begun, with the increased patrols set to be on duty until June 4th. The campaign won't end from there, with commercials airing and reminders on electronic signs on Maine's highways throughout the summer.

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