We just today learned that HOM's website has been nominated for the best in the "Best of Portland Old Port Awards" for 2019. We knew AJ and Nikki were nominated and made the cut into the top ten; however, we didn't realize that HOM had also been selected as a finalist in another category -- best website. We're not sure if our radio station has ever been a finalist in two categories before. We are beyond thrilled as it is such an honor. Thank you to our listeners (and readers) for making this happen.

Please vote for HOM's website here. The competition is fierce, so we need every vote we can get. You can vote once a day until the end of this month… August 31st at midnight is the deadline.

Other categories you can vote on include Best TV News Anchor, Best Comedian, Best Pizza, Best Bar, Best Maine Beer, Best Food Truck, etc.

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