Did you know Pink has dabbled in country music more than once?

Just like so many other pop stars—including Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Kesha—the singer is connected to the country music genre, too. Besides her Grammy-nominated duet with Kenny Chesney, Pink also worked with the band Indigo Girls and even formed her own unexpected country/folk group with Canadian singer Dallas Green.

In a 2014 interview with The Guardian, Pink even revealed the genre is inside of her.  “In the same concerts where I’m flying around, I’m always barefoot and sitting with an acoustic guitar too,” she said. “In every show, I do an acoustic section, so it’s a very big part of me.”

Below, check out the five times Pink has veered into country music territory.

  • 1

    Pink's Collaboration with Country Star Kenny Chesney

    In 2016, Pink released the duet "Setting the World on Fire" with country music star Kenny Chesney. The song was nominated the Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

  • 2

    Pink's Country Folk Group with Dallas Green

    In 2014, Pink teamed up with former City and Colour singer Dallas Green to form the country/folk group You+Me. Together, they dropped the album Rose Eve in October of that year and released the hit song "You and Me."

  • 3

    Pink's Collaboration With the Indigo Girls

    In 2016, Pink collaborated with the Indigo Girls for her country-rock song "Dear Mr. President," off her fourth studio album I'm Not Dead. She then she returned the favor later that year by working on their album, Despite Our Differences.

  • 4

    Pink's Hits "What About Us" and "Barbies" Were Co-Written by Famous Country Writers/Producers

    Her hit single "What About Us," off her 2017 album Beautiful Trauma, was co-written and produced by Steve Mac, who also wrote Trace Adkins's "Help Me Understand" and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "The Rest of Our Lives."

    During the 2017 CMA Awards, Pink took the stage to perform "Barbies," which was also co-written and produced by And Ross Golan, who co-co-wrote Keith Urban's "Shame" and Lady Antebellum's "Compass."

  • 5

    Pink's Country-Tinged New Single "Walk Me Home"

    Pink dropped her single "Walk Me Home" in early 2019, which had a country feel to it. “Walk me home in the dead of night/ I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind/ Say you’ll stay with me tonight/ Cause there is so much wrong going on outside," she sings in the chorus over a stomping beat and guitar strings.

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