Old Orchard Beach Pier

The OOB Pier is one of Maine's top summer destinations for locals, other Mainers, and people from away for a reason -- there's always something going on, and that something is always fire.

Whether it's the Billion Dollar View of the Pier Patio Pub, the hilarity of Yo Adrian!'s comedy shows, lobster feasts, fireworks -- even simply the beach itself -- the Pier is the place to be all summer long, period.

The Atlantic Ocean and pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Thursday Nights at the OOB Pier

While there is obviously stuff happening all weekend long at the Pier, Thursdays are something special (especially if you're looking for a reason to bang out of work on Friday and make a long weekend of it.)

First off, Thursday nights are Ladies Nights all over the Pier, which comes with no cover for some spots and drink specials as well. You can also detach your jaw for a Lobster Feast special on Thursdays as well.

Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash
Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

Entertainment wise? There's live music at the Pier Patio Pub and the Sunset Deck, plus a DJ at the Top of the Pier Nightclub, comedy shows with Yo Adrian!, and karaoke as well. All steps away from each other.

There's also a bonus hookup happening only on Thursday afternoons for the next few weeks, all starting today.

Getty Images / Michael Denning
Getty Images / Michael Denning

P!nk Concert at Fenway Park in Boston

In just a few weeks, P!nk brings her Summer Carnival Tour to Fenway Park in Boston as part of the Fenway Concert Series. Both dates for her show at Fenway, July 31 and August 1, are sold out, leaving you either draining your savings account for third-party tickets, or winning them for free.

Show up to the Pier Patio Pub at the OOB Pier over the next few Thursdays between 3p and 7p, and you'll score a 4-pack to see P!nk down at Fenway absolutely free. There's no catch, no loophole, no purchase necessary, no need to be present to win -- just drop by the Sunset Deck in front of the Pier Patio Pub and get your tickets!

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